Use of Detox Pills and their work ability:

Weed is one of the most popular drug among the millennials and sports personalities for performance enhancement in general. Imagine, having to pass a drug test within a fortnight or 10 days and it’s a panic situation triggered looking out for detox pills in the market. To be extremely fair, most of the detox pills are useless and rubbish and more of a supplement. In fact, most of the companies who claim to be selling high quality detox pills for weed wrongly allege the affect within 24 hours which is simply impossible. These toxins have an affinity for fats and get stuck in the bloodstream which can’t be eliminated by water for which they lack affinity. There are only a handful of them which actually work and require meticulous search.

Mechanism and Faulty Claims:

Naturally, our body has its own immune system to eliminate toxins via bladder, bowel and skin using various glands such as sebaceous glands and enzymatic reactions. It’s an ongoing lifetime process where the body expels the waste out organically. The mechanism has evolved over the ages and performs at its peak when required. But it isn’t possible to enhance its performance but rather aid maintaining efficiency. Any drug consumed by the body is detoxified within a couple of weeks or three or so. In that case, that’s the reason many of the companies are deceptive to have a get out clause. The high quality detox pills for weed are classically very rare in the market. Internally, as these drug metabolites get locked with the body fat, it initiates a cascade of reactions in the body and get caught up in the cells.

  • Time for Detoxification:
    • For Most: 7 Days or Less
    • High Dosage and Strong Drug: 3 Weeks or so
    • Chronic User: Three or more months.
    • Major Factor here is the range or the power of the drug coupled with the amount of dosage.
    • It may persist for up to six months, if used chronically without a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to this when we add up the factors of genetics, diet, exercise, life style, body fat, age, gender, it becomes fairly complicated. So any pill in the market that guarantees cleansing within 24 hours is a hoax. The most preferable time or the effective time for the best detox pill is seven to ten days. They are just a sparse amount of detox pills that are so powerful to generate effects within 7 to 10 days.

Recommended Detox Pills for Weed:

These detox pills actually speed up the natural expulsion of the toxin from the body of the patient. It aids in high rate expulsion via both bowel movement for cannabis and bladder for most of the other drug metabolites. Among most of the propaganda surrounding the detox pills, it turns out that Toxin Rid and Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula tend to work the most efficiently.

  • High Quality Detox Pills for Weed:
    • Toxin Rid
    • Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula

Toxin Rid is rated as one of the best available detox pill in the market with power of elimination within 7-10 days of routine. This actually depends upon the lengths of course taken along with the certain amount of pills to be consumed each day depending upon the routine taken. The course lengths usually vary from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 10 days. In reality, there is no possibility of complete elimination below 5 day course and if anything, it’s virtually impossible. But beneficial in circumstances where you are focused on reducing the toxins before a test. On a user based opinion and consensus, it is recommended to opt for a 5 day course if you’re in deep trouble, 7 days has maximum potential and whereas 10 days actually guarantees a sure shot in one go with a change in lifestyle and usage of a single pill product. The shorter courses can also prove to be beneficial when abstained from drug consumption leading up to the days of the test and a detox drink like Rescue Cleanse on the D-day of the test. So what happens is the toxins are being eliminated at a rapid rate by the pills and thus the drink only has a partial work to do and mask off the toxins.

Along with consumption of the pill, some lifestyle changes are to be made for adequate affect, such as:

  • Healthy diet, long walks and jogging and proper sleep.
  • Most importantly to stop smoking week or any other substance being consumed.
  • Each day, three pills are to be taken in every five hour interval.
  • Special detox drink and fibre supplement on completion of the course.
  • Urinate a couple of times to flush things out and then go for the test.
  • Lots of water consumption and detox drink an hour before the test.
  • A home drug test is recommended before leaving to submit the sample.

Alternative Aid for Detoxification:

A supplement that boosts the process of elimination of toxins is Herbal Pre Cleanse Formula. Unlike, Toxin rid, it isn’t going to be a nuclear bomb for the toxins but rather have subtle effects that boost the mechanism of detoxification. Now, what it does is amplify the body’s response constantly to eliminate the toxins from both the bloodstream and the cells at peak rate. It is actually an additional daily supplement to be taken in an ongoing manner giving you an extra edge for the upcoming test.

As to its use, it can be used leading for the week leading up to the drug test and coupled with a detox drink such as Rescue Cleanse or Mega Clean on parallel basis. It gives you an extra cushion and thereby lessening the potential build-up of toxins in the body that could possibly show up in the drug test.

Each possible method has its pros and cons depending on which one shall choose appropriate course duration and stick to it for the whole time. To wrap up, some of the pros and cons of the Toxin Rid are:

  • It’s pretty expensive
  • Lower the day count, the less likely for it to succeed.
  • Strict routine to be followed to pass the test
  • Most efficient and best detox pill available
  • Works for all types of metabolites
  • Money back guarantee and live chat support from the company.

The two high quality detox pills for weed are Toxin Rid and Herbal Pre- Cleanse Formula by far offering the most efficient mechanism and aiding in elimination of the toxins.